cesena Lead Partner: Province of Forli-Cesena - Italy   mail

The Province of Forlì-Cesena is an intermediate local authority between Region and municipalities. The main municipalities are Forli and Cesena. The airport of Forli, a strategic public asset, has just started the passage from public to private management. The Province of Forlì-Cesena is currently working with the other public authorities and with the new managing company to better implement the airport potential. In the area of the airport there is also a Aeronautics Technological Pole that includes a high school for Aeronautics, an university course for Aerospace Engineering, the ENAV (national agency for civil aviation) institute for traffic controllers and flight training schools.

Thanks to its coordination task in several sectors such as environment, transport, culture, public health, tourism, agriculture, education, training, the Province of Forlì-Cesena has always successfully managed several European projects aimed to the economic and social development of its territory.

dubrovnik Dubrovnik Airport - Croatia   mail

The Airport of Dubrovnik is situated in the town of Cilipi, near the city of Dubrovnik. It’s one of the leader airports in the Adriatic Region. In 2009 the monthly passenger flow was 1.122.355 and in 2010 it rose to 1.270.062. In 2014 it was the third busiest airport in Croatia in terms of passenger. The Airport is base of  many European Airlines companies and it has good connection with most EU countries: UK, Spain, Norway, and Germany. The Airport provides several additional services to its passengers. Further expansion is planned in 2015. Future airport plans call for an extensive commercial zone and a large four-star airport hotel, and long-term plans call for a new runway and the conversion of the existing runway into a taxiway.

ravena Province of Ravenna - Italy   mail

The Province of Ravenna is a territorial public body having particular tasks in the field of territorial planning, transport and tourism. In the last years, thanks to important European projects, collaborated with various actors for the promotion and development of its territory, paying a particular attention to transport and mobility. In Ravenna there is the small recreational airport “G.Novelli” where tourist and sport activities are carried out. Thanks to ADRIAIR, some structural interventions aimed at improving safety and accessibility have been realized. The Province of Ravenna is very interested in the promotion of a better knowledge of the airports participating in the project and in establishing links between the two coasts of the Adriatic sea.

rijeka Rijeka Airport - Croatia   mail

The Rijeka Airport is located in the heart of Kvarner, in the proximity of a top tourist Croatian destination with over 49 islands, 100 hotels, 14 marinas, more than 600 km of clear sea and over 1000 km of varied island and mainland coastline dotted with beaches, coves and bays. The airport is operational all year round with no peak loads or holding circuits. No limits towards noise level for cargo and night flights. Good connections with Port of Rijeka (terminal Omišalj), Rijeka – Zagreb highway and Rijeka bypass - an outstanding advantage.

In 2015 Rijeka Airport connects you with more than 17 European cities, being located at no more than three hours flight from most European cities.

Crew training is available as well as sightseeing flights over the Adriatic coast and islands. 

The passenger flow increased considerably in the last two years – from 77.082 passengers in 2012 to 106.235 in 2014 and a positive trend in 2015 and beyond is expected.

cci Tirana Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Albania   mail

The Tirana Chamber of Commerce & Industry offers different services for the development of Albanian business and enterprises, managing programmes and promoting activities to support the growth of the Albanian economy.

In recent years it established strong cooperation relationships with national and international know-how centers. Its scope of interests includes innovation and entrepreneurship, information and communication technologies, transport, energy, tourism, environment and spatial development, intellectual property, etc.

lir LIR evolution - Bosnia and Herzegovina   mail

LIR Evolution is a research, development, consulting agency specializing in preparation and implementation of projects. Its main areas of focus are: sustainable development, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, waste management, traffic management, environmental protection, business development and rural development. LIR Evolution’s vast pool of internal and external experts, highly educated with multiple years of experience in their fields, guarantees the best possible results to its clients and partners. With more than 30, mostly EU funded, projects LIR Evolution has the experience, resources and know-how to tackle issues from all its fields of specialization.


University of Bologna, Forli Campus - Italy

School of Economics, Management and Statistics


The University of Bologna is claimed to be the oldest academia in the world, being founded in 1088 A.D. It has a strong tradition in research and education in almost every fields of the human knowledge. The School of Economics, Management and Statistics has a huge experience in market analysis. It currently offers undergraduate curricula (Economic and Business Administration) and postgraduate degree curses in Economics and Business, Economics and Business Administration, Management of Social Economy. Furthermore, specific areas of teaching and research are devoted to public management studies.

pula Pula Airport Ltd - Croatia   mail

The Pula Airport is located in the County of Istria and is working in strict cooperation with the Istrian Tourist Board. It is a competitive international airport with year-round scheduled and charter traffic, providing high quality services for the handling of passengers, aircraft and cargo.

Thanks in part to favorable climatic and technical conditions Pula is designated as the alternative airport for parts of Slovenia and smaller parts of eastern Italy. Pula also attracts jet set passengers flying privately or rented aircraft, visiting the Brijuni islands or attending concerts and shows at Pula Arena and sailing their yachts. Presently, Pula airport is capable of handling large aircraft such as Boeing 747.