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News and events (14)


ADRIAIR partners held the Final Cross-border conference on 1st of July, 2015 at Sala del Consiglio in Forli. Project partners and interested stakeholders from the region were present at the conference.

The goal of the conference was to present the main achievements, outputs and results of the ADRIAIR project during its implementation period.


Rijeka Airport held a presentation of ADRIAIR project and Air-Taxi Action Plan to representatives of Ministry of Maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure on 30.06.2015.

During presentation of the Action Plan, special attention was paid to the relations of supply and demand on the air-taxi market on the coasts of the Adriatic. The gathered stakeholders expressed their interest for the theme with their questions, and they were mostly interested in the potential of air-taxi market in the Adriatic, the ways to increase it by reducing the negative effects of taxes on luxury, red tape and operational problems connected with air taxi aircraft dislocation from one airport to another, after the air taxi service is done.


On May 25th 2015, the Province of Ravenna held the public presentation of the Action Plan for setting up a cross-border air-taxi service in IPA area. The Plan expands the outcomes of the preliminary study, elaborated by the University of Bologna, on the market potential of the service in order to target ideals clients and service levels and outline an assessment of the potential demand in the examined field. Several local stakeholders attended the event: Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna, representatives of business associations and local airport and journalists.



Rijeka Airport held the ICAO Aviation Security 123 Basic Mode which included training and testing in accordance with ICAO Annex 17 which conforms with our security checkpoint for wehicles, hand held explosive device tracer and airport movement security. The training was held on 27.03.2015 for 8 participants.

Pula Airport and Rijeka Airport have jointly organized marketing trainings for their employees on 23.02-27.02.2015. The trainings were held at Pula Airport and were held by a team of professors from Juraj Dobrila Pula University.

The ADRIAIR Partnership held its 6th Cross-border meeting at the Park Plaza Belvedere hotel in Medulin on 25th of February, 2015.

The purpose of the meeting was to make an overview of the activities remaining to be implemented by the end of the project and to prepare for the Final Conference, to be held in Forli during June. All the partners presented the status of their pilot action and plans for expenditures in the following period. Significant attention has been given to preparation of ADRIAIR II project, which will continue and extend the cooperation and partnership of the involved regional Airports.


Airport of Dubrovnik held a presentation of the new cargo X-Ray scanner that has established an independent flow of cargo and mail between the public and protected area of the airport. The scanner is Airport of Dubrovnik’s Pilot Action of the ADRIAIR project. Furthermore, Airport of Dubrovnik held a public presentation of the Action Plan for establishing an air-taxi service in IPA Adriatic area.


Dubrovnik Airport held the security training fori t employees on 22.10.2014. The training was held by Željko Pivalica and Goran Pulig on the topic: “Special training for staff implementing security control of cargo and mail”. The training covered:

(a) Knowledge of previous acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation, terrorist acts and current threats; 

(b) Awareness of the relevant legal requirements; 

(c) Knowledge of the objectives and organization of aviation security, including the obligations and responsibilities of persons implementing security controls in the supply chain;

(d) Knowledge of procedures for challenging persons and of circumstances in which persons should be challenged or reported; 

(e) Knowledge of reporting procedures; 

(f) Ability to identify prohibited articles; 

(g) Ability to respond appropriately to the detection of prohibited articles; 

(h) Knowledge of how prohibited articles may be concealed; 

(i) Knowledge of protection requirements for cargo and mail; and 

(j) Knowledge of transportation requirements, if applicable. 

This training was held for 23 participants from Dubrovnik Airport.

The 5th ADRIAIR Cross-border meeting in Rijeka


The ADRIAIR partnership held its 5th Cross-border meeting at the Grand Hotel Bonavia in Rijeka on 11-12th of November.

The meeting agenda covered administrative and financial issues, state and forecasts of expenditures, status of implemented activities in all WPs, presentations of implemented pilot actions regarding improvement of security and accessibility at the Airports. The partners agreed that the project implementation is progressing accordingly, most of the activities are following the timeframe and delays from the previous periods are being compensated.

The partnership decided to hold an additional meeting in Pula on 25th of February, in order to review all implemented actives before the Final conference in Forli at the end of the project.

Furthermore, the ADRIAIR Partnership already began plans for preparation of a successor project, under the Adriatic-Ionian Programme, which will continue the cooperation of the partners and widen the current Partnership with new regional Airports. This matter will be further discussed at the next meeting in Pula.