ADRIAIR - Airport Security and Air Taxi Network in the Adriatic

Project summary


The project ADRIAIR aims at the possibility to set up a new flexible and on demand air connection in the Adriatic macro-region based on air taxi and the improvement of the security standards of the airports involved. Both these leading ideas are melted in the same project with the intention to contribute to facilitating, improving and intensifying the air transportation in the Adriatic macro-region. The ADRIAR project will contribute to establishing an articulated system of mobility within the Adriatic macro region capable to satisfy, with different means of transportation, the variegated and multifaceted needs of passengers. These needs are not only relying on tourism, but also, in an increasing way, on business and institutional relationships. The project involves 8 partners from Italy, Albania, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

ADRIAIR intends to contribute to improving the air transport situation in the two banks of the Adriatic through addressing some well-defined issues such as, Exploit the air transport market potential for the Adriatic 'regional' airports by conducting market studies; Harmonization of the security standards of the airports involved; Enhance the concrete operation of new air connections between regional airports of the Adriatic zone through investigating and then setting up a new on-demand service based on air-taxi; Lay down the basis to establish a permanent 'open' network among regional airports of the Adriatic; Via improving the air connections, reinforce the economic and institutional linkages between the two banks of Adriatic and hence foster the creation of new employment opportunities in the involved regions.


  • Strengthen the economic and institutional linkages within the Adriatic regions by making more accessible and secure the airports;
  • Providing new ad hoc services (flexible and on-demand) based on fleets of air-taxi;
  • Stimulate a reciprocal knowledge between the territories & airports concerned, aimed at investigating any possible collaboration, synergy, inter-operability etc;
  • Support the modernization and strengthening of airport facilities, optimizing existing potential through the improvement of services, security and the upgrade of existing facilities;
  • Investigate the potential market for transportation by air of people in the Adriatic, with a specific focus on analyzing the market potential and then providing ad hoc services for an on-demand air-taxi service at disposal of businessmen, policy makers and enterprises to link the various airports of the Adriatic and capable of favoring and intensifying the commercial economic- institutional cross-border relationships.

Expected results

  • Assessment reports of present “state of health” of the airports of the involved regions;
  • Guidelines for a common cross-border Adriatic implementation of the security strategy set out at international and national level by the competent bodies;;
  • Creation of a ‘Security Airport Network of the Adriatic’ (SANA);
  • Definition of tools and evaluation grids related to the Adriatic Cross-border air security system ;
  • Constant monitoring system of the concrete results in security;
  • Work Plans for the implementation pilot projects in the airports of Forlì, Dubrovnik, Rijeka e Banja Luka
  • “Formative needs” assessment reports;
  • Training modules design: air transport security and marketing;
  • Training Programmes realization on air transport security
  • Design of Training evaluation tools;
  • Reports on Follow up of training results;
  • Cross-border reports on the market potential of air-taxi;
  • Promotional and organizational plans aimed at setting up an air-taxi service on-demand.

Quick facts on the project:

Project Title: Airport Security and Air Taxi Network in the Adriatic
Project Acronym: ADRIAIR
Project Code: 2°ord./0021/2
Funding Programme: IPA ADRIATIC CBC Programme 2007-2013
Date of approval: 31/07/2012
Priority: Accessibility and Networks
Measure: Physical infrastructure
Lead Beneficiary: Province of Forli-Cesena, Italy
Project Length: 30 Months (09/2012 - 02/2015)
Total budget: 1.514.012,43 €
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 8 project partners


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